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Auto Glass Claims

You may have had an accident that only involves damage or breakage to the automobile's windshield or one of the other pieces of glass. When the damage is glass only, we have streamlined the process of having your glass repaired or replaced.

Step 1 - Reporting a Windshield/Auto Glass Claim

This step is the process whereby you notify a MAPFRE Claim Service Center Representative or your independent insurance agent that you have a glass claim for your automobile.

You can report a claim to us anytime 24 hours a day - 365 days a year

Massachusetts Insureds: 1-800-221-1605, New Hampshire Insureds: 1-800-513-4813

Reporting a glass claim takes approximately 5 to 10 minutes.

Step 2 - Preferred Glass Shop Facilities

MAPFRE Insurance Company has made special arrangements with many of the large glass repair shops located throughout the state. We consider these shops to be MAPFRE Insurance Preferred Glass Shops. Immediate scheduling of an appointment can be made with these shops by allowing one of our Claim Service Representatives set up an appointment with a Preferred Glass Shop, in most cases, directly via the internet into their scheduling systems to find an available time that is convenient for you.

Below is a listing of the benefits you will receive by choosing a MAPFRE Insurance Preferred Glass Shop:

  • MAPFRE guarantees the quality and workmanship of any glass installation conducted at one of our Preferred Glass Shops.
  • These shops were chosen based on their track record for a high level of customer satisfaction.
  • The companies provide a lifetime guarantee for "fit and finish" of the glass installment. This is backed up by MAPFRE's guarantee that all the work will be performed to your satisfaction or we will intervene to ensure same.
  • MAPFRE will pay a reasonable amount for your glass installment. All the MAPFRE Preferred Glass shops will perform the glass installment for the amount we pay. We can only provide that guarantee through a MAPFRE Preferred Glass Shop. If you select a shop that is not a MAPFRE Preferred Glass Shop, you may want to confirm they will complete the work for the amount we pay. This will avoid you being billed for any balances.
  • Mobile Service is available anywhere in the country. That means the work can be done at your home or workplace, weather permitting.

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