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New Hampshire Safe Driver Insurance Plan

The Safe Driver Insurance Plan (SDIP) adjusts premiums to fairly reflect the driving records of customers. The plan encourages safe driving in New Hampshire & beyond by rewarding drivers who do not cause accidents or incur traffic law violations with a credit to their automobile insurance premiums, and discourages unsafe driving by requiring high-risk drivers to pay an increased insurance premium.

Surcharge points are incurred if you:

  • Cause an at-fault accident and property damage or bodily injury is paid in excess of the threshold amount mandated
  • Are convicted of, or pay a fine for, a traffic violation
  • Are an inexperienced principal operator

Safe Driver Insurance Points

These are a system of points that arise out of moving traffic violations or accidents. An example of the impact of point charges and how they are assigned are listed below:

(4) Points -- homicide or assault with a motor vehicle -- failure to stop or report when involved in an accident -- driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs

(3) Points -- driving in a careless or reckless manner -- driving while license is revoked or suspended -- operating a motor vehicle without owner's consent -- highway racing -- driving to endanger

(2) Points -- accidents resulting in death of any person -- accidents resulting in $7,500 or more in bodily injury of any person -- $15,000 or more in damage to property -- passing a school bus

(1) Point -- $751 in bodily injury to any person, but less than $7,500 -- $1,501 in damage to property, but less than $15,000

In conjunction with the assignment of points, the Safe Driver Discount is lost. This discount equals 5% per year up to 20%. Since points are chargeable on an insurance policy for three years, it could take an insured seven years to recoup the favorable rates enjoyed prior to any accidents or convictions. To avoid the high cost of surcharges, the obvious answer is to be a safe driver.

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