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New Hampshire Advantage Endorsement

The Advantage Endorsement extends your basic New Hampshire homeowners insurance protection to cover a range of circumstances excluded by most standard policies and provides increased limits for certain exposures. Some of the coverages provided are:

Additional Protection

  • Personal Injury Liability Protection
  • Incidental Business Activities of Minors Protection
  • Water Back-up and Sump Overflow Coverage -$2,500 limit
  • Identity Theft Coverage - $15,000 limit

Increased Limits

  • Money - Increased limit to $500
  • Securities - Increased limit to $3,000
  • Watercraft - Increased limit to $2,500
  • Trailers - Increased limit to $2,500
  • Jewelry, Watches and Furs - Theft limit increased to $3,000
  • Firearms - Theft limit increased to $3,500
  • Silverware - Theft limit increased to $4,000
  • Business Property on Premises - Increased limit to $3,000
  • Business Property off Premises - Increased limit to $300
  • Credit Card and Fund Transfer - Increased limit to $2,500

In addition, this endorsement provides limited coverage for Lock Replacement, Rewards, Fire Department Service Charges and Food Spoilage.

Advantage Plus Endorsement

The Advantage Plus endorsement provides the same coverages as above but increases Water Back-up and Sump Overflow Coverage to $5,000 and also includes Special Personal Property Coverage.

Don't get caught short. Be sure to add the Advantage Endorsement to your homeowners policy. Ask your MAPFRE Insurance Agent for details.

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