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Massachusetts Payment Plan Information

MAPFRE Insurance offers different payment plans for Massachusetts insurance customers. These plans give customers choice and flexibility so that you can pay for your policy in as many as twelve installments or as few as one.

Automatic Payment Plan (EFT) - Personal Auto and Homeowners Policies

For new policies, we require a deposit premium of 12%. For Personal Auto and Homeowner policies we have lowered our deposit premium to 8%. Premiums are payable in up to 12 installments which are automatically deducted from a checking or statement savings account on a date you choose. You will receive a schedule of all deductions when you begin the plan and if the deduction amount changes. Enrollment is easy, fast, and a time saving way to make your monthly premium payments. Personal Automobile policies and Homeowner policies will incur a $1.00 monthly service fee. To enroll in the EFT payment plan, you can login to your established MAPFRE account or you can set up an account at this time. Simply click on the link from the MAPFRE Home page under the ONLINE SERVICES. You can also complete the EFT Authorization form, located to the right under Related Forms on this page. Complete the form following the necessary requirements and mail directly to MAPFRE Insurance, 11 Gore Road, Webster, MA 01570.

* Please note we cannot use passbook savings accounts for your EFT deductions.

Paid In Full - All Policies

Pay the full premium at any time to avoid future or all finance fees or service charges.

Paid In Full - Personal Auto

Pay the full premium with New Business (effective 09/01/09 new business) or the full balance on the first renewal bill (effective 11/01/09 renewals) and no finance fee or service charge is applied. You will also receive an additional 5% discount on coverage parts 1-12 when the annual premium is paid in full.

11 Payment Plan - Personal Auto and Homeowners Policies

For new policies, we require a down payment followed by ten installments. If you are a renewal customer, premium is payable in eleven monthly installments. Service fees are included on each statement sent to you after the effective date of your policy.

Commercial Policies - Commercial policyholders are also eligible for the 11 Payment Plan. Applicable service fees or finance charges will be displayed on the premium invoices.

3 Payment Plan - Homeowners and Umbrella Policies

Premium is payable in three installments due at the start of the policy and every 90 days thereafter. Service fees are added to the last two bills.

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    The Commerce Insurance Company
    Attn: Direct Bill Payment
    11 Gore Rd.
    Webster, MA 01570

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    Customer Service Representatives can be reached Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. at (800) 922-8276

    Automated Account Information
    Use your touch tone phone to receive account information 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Call (800) 922-8276. Select '2' for Billing, then press '2' to reach the automated billing information center.


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