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Home Inventory in MA - Why It's Important

Protect yourself in the event that you need to file a homeowners' claim in MA. While there are many reasons to maintain an accurate inventory of your personal possessions, the following two are important for insurance purposes:

  • It could save you hundreds - even thousands of dollars at the time of loss. (If your home were burned or vandalized - destroyed in some way - could you remember the value of each and every item?)
  • It will help you determine how much insurance you should carry.

Few homeowners can afford to underestimate the value of their personal property. Unfortunately, even an 'educated guess' is often thousands of dollars below actual value. For these reasons, we have developed these simple, yet detailed, personal property inventory worksheets. When you complete your inventory, you might be surprised by the high value of your accumulated possessions. And you might be even more surprised - and dismayed - by the inadequacy of your present insurance coverage.

An important way to supplement your inventory is by marking your valuables with indelible ID numbers recognizable to local police - numbers like your initials plus your date of birth, your area code and phone number.

Another way to support your inventory is by taking a picture or video of each room in your home after you have finished cataloging its contents. By doing this, you will have proof on film as well as on paper.

After completion, be sure to keep this inventory and the accompanying film in a safe place away from your home. If you own a second residence, such as a summer cottage, you should keep a separate inventory for that residence.

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