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Why do you need condo insurance coverage?

If you are a condo owner, it's likely that you are also part of a condo association which carries condo insurance for the buildings. However, it's best to also have a condo insurance policy which covers your personal belongings as well as personal liability.
Inside your condo are cherished items including furniture, clothing, and household goods, which can be protected against a loss due to fire, lightning, vandalism, theft and other perils with the personal property protection of your condominium insurance policy.
If you have friends or relatives over your condo, personal liability protection will cover your legal responsibility for any accidents that occur to people or property caused by you, a member of your family or your pets.

How much does condo insurance cost?

It's difficult to give an average cost because everyone's situation is different, and the cost also depends on the policy you choose. There are several options for you to choose from, including bundled policies that combine several options into one. Condo insurance policies also have options to add value through endorsements, giving the policies additional features for more protection.
A Commerce Insurance or Citation Insurance condo insurance policy also offers some unit-owners' building protection for sections of the building that you may own (e.g. interior walls, etc.). It also provides protection for loss assessments relating to the residence premise and/or common areas owned by the association. The basic limits chosen may be increased to the limits desired at a reasonable cost.

To get a condo insurance quote, contact a MAPFRE Insurance agent today and learn more about condo insurance rates.

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