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Auto Claim Process

We understand that a rapid settlement of your claim is a top priority. Our Claim Personnel will work with you and your independent insurance agent to ensure a prompt and equitable settlement of your claim. Below are the 4 major steps in the settlement of your automobile claim.

Step 1 - Reporting

MAPFRE Claim Service Center Representative or your Independent Insurance Agent will gather the full detailed information needed to process your claim.

Our Claims Service Center is available 24 hours a day - 365 days a year.

Massachusetts Insureds: 1-800-221-1605, New Hampshire Insureds: 1-800-513-4813

Reporting your claim takes approximately 10 to 15 minutes. Click on the link in the box on the left to go to the Reporting A Claim section.

Report a Claim to MAPFRE Insurance Online

If you prefer to file your claim online, you may complete our online claim submission form. After completing the form, you will be provided with a submission number, and one of our representatives will typically contact you within one business day to provide you with any additional claims information.

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Step 2 - Appraisal of Damage

Once you have reported your claim and coverage for damage to your vehicle is verified, arrangements will be made to have a licensed MAPFRE Appraiser inspect your vehicle. The appraiser will write an appraisal of damage for any accident related damage.

If your vehicle is driveable, the quickest and most convenient way to appraise the damage to your vehicle is to visit one of our 80 Drive In Appraisal Locations located throughout the state. Using a Drive In not only speeds up your claim by as much as 48 hours, but it allows you the flexibility of dropping by any of the locations at your convenience, with no appointment necessary! The Drive in Locator at the right of this page will help you find a drive in near you.

If you are unable to visit one of our convenient Drive In locations, or if your vehicle is unsafe to operate, we can certainly have a licensed MAPFRE appraiser visit you at your home, workplace or repair facility.

After the vehicle has been inspected by the licensed MAPFRE appraiser and it is considered to be repairable, the appraiser will mail you a copy of the written appraisal of damages. If your vehicle is not repairable, it will be considered a "total loss." More information on the total loss process can be found by clicking on the Auto Appraisal & Repair FAQs link in the Claim Service box at the left of this page.

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Step 3 - Payments

The Physical Damage Claim Adjuster will review what coverage is available for your claim and if the amount of the appraised damage to the vehicle is subject to a deductible. Whether a deductible applies or not is determined by the liability of the parties involved in the accident and the type of coverage the claim is being made under. According to Massachusetts' regulations, any insurance company making payment to an insureds for an auto claim must make that payment in accordance with the Direct Payment Plan.

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Step 4- Repairs and Preferred Repair Shops

When you receive the appraisal of damage from the licensed MAPFRE appraiser, you may choose to begin repairs at that point. However, the initial appraisal of damage is not a guarantee of payment. That is because the amount of the payment may be reduced by the amount of your chosen deductible or for damage on the appraisal that is not related to this loss. The Physical Damage Adjuster will determine the fault of the parties involved in the accident and the coverage available to you.

You have several options for repairing the vehicle, one of which includes a MAPFRE Insurance Company guarantee for the quality and workmanship of the repairs. Along with your appraisal of damages, MAPFRE Insurance will provide you a list of all Massachusetts' registered repair shops in your area. Although you are free to select any repair shop of your choice to perform the repairs, we are only able to provide the MAPFRE Insurance Company Preferred Shop Guarantee for those shops underlined on the list. The underlined shops are considered MAPFRE Insurance Preferred Repairs Shops. Below we have outlined the benefits of choosing a MAPFRE Insurance Preferred Repair Shop:

  • These shops provide a high level of customer satisfaction for service and the quality and workmanship of the repairs.
  • The quality of the work performed by these shops is backed up by MAPFRE Insurance for as long as you own your vehicle.
  • MAPFRE will step in and deal directly with the repair shop for any issues necessary to expedite timely repairs and intervene if you are not satisfied with the work completed on your automobile.
  • MAPFRE will pay to have your vehicle towed to a Preferred Shop if it is not driveable.
  • Some registered shops may not agree to do the work for the prevailing labor rate in Massachusetts. All MAPFRE Preferred Repair Shops have agreed to do the work for the prevailing labor rate. This means no additional costs for you.
  • If additional accident related damage is found during the repairs, don't worry! The repair facility will contact the MAPFRE appraiser directly for a supplemental appraisal for any additional accident related damage.
  • No surprises! All the MAPFRE Preferred Shops will complete the repairs according to the MAPFRE appraisal and we guarantee it.

As previously stated, you are free to have the repairs to your vehicle performed at any shop of your choice.  We recommend you choose a Preferred Repair Shop in your area that provides a MAPFRE Insurance guarantee for the quality and workmanship of the repairs.

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